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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Magnificent Seven Ride! - Color Press Photos

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  1. Very nice photos. Stephine Powers was viewed as a very sexy actress back then and became well known on Heart to Heart which featured Lionel Stander who starred with Lee in Beyond the Law and The Squeeze. I think Powers was living with William Holden when he was drunk, slipped and hit his head on the end of a coffee table and die as a result of the fall at age 63. Holden was one of Hollywood's TOP leading men during most of his career.

    Also in one trade paper I read in the late 60's and 70's for info(no internet then:-), this picture was listed as "made for TV" but I don't remember anything about it being a pilot for a future series. But when it came out later in 1972, it wasn't released to TV but to theaters. I've noticed some of it's reviews on the IMDb bring up that it has the look and feel of a TV production such as Bonanza or Gunsmoke. Maybe it does in a way. What do you all think? It was shot in many of the same places including studio back lots in and around L. A. that the western TV shows used. A set up that had to be sort of a homecoming for Lee as he had appeared in well over 140 such filmings. Lee probably worked in most of the studio sound stages and back lots in Hollywood from 1951 to 1966. Clint Eastwood say he saw Lee around often at Universal Studios in Hollywood in the mid 50's when Clint was working hard to break out of small parts and get some decent roles.

  2. Great!! thanks for sharing the pictures.