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Monday, September 10, 2012

LVC VHS Flashback!

Back in the early 1990's when I first got into LVC, many of the films were only available on VHS budget titles.  This meant that they were often poor quality prints recorded on a slow speed VHS tape (thus lower quality as they took up less tape). 

Many times due to rights issues, these films were given new titles (some similar to the original, some not).  Usually the cover image of LVC was not from the actual film!

Here is a look at some of those cheap 90's VHS LVC videos!  See if you can figure out the original titles!


1 comment:

  1. 1) Commandos. 2)Day of Anger. 3)Grand Duel. 4) Mean Frank & Crazy Tony--complete with names of supporting actors & actresses who seem not to exist. 5)Perfect Killer. 6) Nowhere to Hide. 7) God's Gun. 8)Kid Vengeance.

    I'm just guessing from noticing these when they came out. Memory may not be right on all.

    Also notice on Take Another Hard Ride, the photo of Lee is from El Condor. On a Bullet from God the photo is from Death Rides A Horse with the priest garb & cross added. On Satanic Mechanic and Fatal Chase the photo is from The Master and Days of Wrath its For A Few Dollars More. Well that is my take on those box cover photos of Lee.

    I back in the early 80's I got a copy of Escape from Death Row because in the mid 70's when I saw Mean Frank & Crazy Tony for the first time in the drive-inn where it played first run in my area, I really liked that film and to this day it's one of my favorite Lee Van Cleef films & it is very disappointing to me that the film in it's English language release barely saw the light of day. Well Escape From Death Row not only lists cast members who are NOT in the film and seem to be completely bogus names, and fails to list ACTUAL cast members, BUT THIS PIECE OF &$%* has RE-EDITED the film, juxtaposing some of the scenes and left out some scenes so you get this tangled MESS that attempts to make this film into an "escape from prison death row" film!! This very good Lee Van Cleef film is RUINED and anyone renting this version must have thought Lee would take any piece of crap just to make a paycheck. It had to have hurt Lee's career with many people. Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson would have sued!!! THE BOTTOM FEEDERS WHO DID THIS RELEASE ARE THE ONES WHO SHOULD BE ON DEATH ROW!!!!

    (as a side bar: It's also stupid because much of the film was shot in Italy and unlike a western... takes place in Italy with additional footage shot in France. What death row????)