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Sunday, September 2, 2012

eBay Watch: Power Kill Photo

From time to time I will post interesting items that I see on eBay that would be of interest to a LVC fan. These are not endorsements of the sellers, just merely my observations of interesting or rare items.

This was an interesting photo from Mean Frank and Crazy Tony, aka Power Kill.  I've never seen this shot before so it may be of some interest to everyone.

A little pricey at $21.88, but how many eBay sellers do you know that will show the back of a photo on a listing!




  1. I was very surprised when I finally got to see the film in the U.S. as it was released here in 1975 but in Italy in 1973. But in my area, it was first run "drive inn" which today would be "straight to DVD". The reason I was surprised is because the film is very good. After Captain Apache (just below average)and Bad Man's Rive (not good)I was worried that this film would not be really worth it to a audience member who wasn't a big Lee Van Cleef fan and I was the only BIG Lee Van Cleef fan I knew in 1975 so it was kinda private about being a "Lee" groupie". It should of had a big U. S. release behind it because the film it that good. It's a 4 out of 5 stars to me...but no big U. S. studio wanted to take it I suppose. It was shot in Italy & France in 1973 & debuted in Italy in late 1973. The action is fast and well executed, the script is good, the camera work is superb and the direction is very tight and neat. And it enjoys a well shot and LONG car chase through the French mountains that keep on on the edge of their seat as Lee Van Cleef drives the heck out of a delivery truck.

    The film stars Lee Van Cleef & it has in the other lead.. Tony Lo Bianco who seemed in the early 70's ready to break out and become a big star but it never happened. Probably the failure of "The Seven Ups" shot in New York City to do big box office hurt too. "The Seven Up" is another crime film that should have been a hit and it got a big U. S. release and push but it didn't do well for some reason. It even has a major car chase scene with Bill Hickman acting in a part as a henchman and driver of one of the cars & Hickman really drives the wheels off of a big Pontiac just as he did to the Dodge Charger in Bullet with Steve McQ.

    Edwich Fenech appears as the female lead at age 25 with her striking beauty in Mean Frank, Crazy Tony. Fenech was French born but living and working in Italy at the time, mainly in "B" sexplotation films in which she often appeared nude. Clint Eastwood must not have seen this film or she would have been brought to the state to be in one of his films. Supposedly Clint checked out "El Condor" and was impressed with Marianna Hill that he cast her in his own western & the two had a hot affair for the few months the film was before the cameras. Edwich Fenech slipped though Clint's fingers probably because he didn't see "Mean Frank & Crazy Tony" as no doubt Clint would have wanted to try her out in one of his films:=)

    Mean Frank & Crazy Tony did very good B. O. in Italy, France and Spain but was barely noticed in the U. S. with a limited released mainly in second run houses & drive inns. That is a shame because it is one of Lee's best films post Leone.

    Quintin T. released the film on DVD as part of his "grindhouse"; "B" picture box set but I understand the quality of the picture is not good. Kinda like my DVD of Death Rides A Horse and Beyond the Law. WHY PUT IT OUT ON DVD IF YOUR NOT GOING TO LETTERBOX AND USE A RESTORED, PRISTINE PRINT YOU FOOLS?!?

    Quintin is a big Lee Van Cleef fan and clearly noticed Edwich Fenech as one of his characters in "Ingenious Bastards" uses her name as their character name. AND Leo smokes a Lee Van Cleef pipe in one scene & tries his hand at looking "Lee" with his face!

  2. What QT box set? I never heard of such a thing, and can't find it listed anywhere.
    Death Rides A Horse and Beyond the Law are both available in nice widescreen versions.

  3. I checked & Quintin Tarantino brought this film to screen as part of his "grindhouse" pictures in several large market multiplex houses. He has done the same with Italian westerns including a number which starred Lee Van Cleef such as Big Gundown & Death Rides A Horse. It write up goes on to mention this film being part of the "grindhouse experience" DVD box set but that it's a crappy print. After re-checking, it actually doesn't mention Quintin T. being involved in the DVD release.

    My DVD's of Death Rides A Horse and Beyond the Law are awful. Pan and scan, washed out color and scratchy. The people who released my DVD's are just rip off artists who took a scratchy TV pan and scan print and made a DVD transfer to trick unsuspecting people such as myself to buy them (Got both the same day) thinking they were getting DVD quality. I do get to see them with a nice print on the internet.