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Friday, June 1, 2012

Grand Duel - New Soundtrack Released

May 2012 is closed out with another Grand Duel related release!  On May 29th, Quartet Records released an expanded score of "Il Grande Duello"

Also included by Luis Bacalov is the score to "The Man Called Noon"

Soundtrack can be ordered directly from their site here

Official description below-

Two classics Spaghetti Western scores composed by legendary Luis Bacalov on one CD!.

“Il Grande Duello”, one of the most emblematic Italian westerns starring Lee Van Cleef, represents a long-awaited reissue, as the two previous releases of this score (one in Point Records in 1995, and another only in Japan under the label Rambling in 2002), are too expensives and very hard-to-find in the secondary market. “Il Grande Duello” being one of the most popular albums for the Spaghetti Westerns fans, especially after the inclusion of the main theme in the first volume of “Kill Bill”.

This new release, fully restored and mastered in a great stereo by Claudio Fuiano from the first generation master tapes, contains a short but interesting bonus material not included in the previous editions.

Limited Collector’s Edition of 500 units.
01. Il Grande Duello Parte I (3:24)
02. Il Grande Duello Parte II (2:36)
03. Il Grande Duello Parte III (1:26)
04. Il Grande Duello Parte IV (3:38)
05. Il Grande Duello Parte V (1:56)
06. Il Grande Duello Parte VI (2:23)
07. Il Grande Duello Parte VII (2:25)
08. Il Grande Duello Parte VIII (1:52)
09. Il Grande Duello Parte IX (2:41)
10. Il Grande Duello Parte X (3:56)
11. Il Grande Duello Parte IV (#2) (1:20)
12. Il Grande Duello Parte VI (#2) (0:47)
13. Il Grande Duello Parte VIII (#2) (2:02)
14. Il Grande Duello Parte I (Mix 2) (3:23)
Below are the other versions of the soundtrack released.  The 1995 version is the most common, and can be found on iTunes and amazon.com for under $8 to download, however it is only 10 tracks.

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