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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Commandos - Press Photos

Here are some photos from the often overlooked LVC film, Commandos.  Enjoy!

Click on 'em to make 'em bigger!


  1. Anyone know why Marilu Tolo's character disappears halfway through the film?

    1. Correct Tom.
      I always refer to this film as the 'Case of the Disappearing Hooker."

      I never could tell if she got blown up in the building or what!

  2. If Tolo had more scenes, and I bet that is the case, the same reason Lee Van Cleef disappears in The Young Lions. Edited out of the movie as they were chopping it down for time restraints.

    Tom. The last picture about posted by Aaron probably is in Spain at the location where they brought in the palm trees for Lawrence of Arabia and used in For A Few Dollars More where Eastwood rides in after the El Paso bank robbery and Lugi Pistili says "and you just saved your own hide" or something like that. You agree?

    Also for some reason both of LVC films shots in 1968 were NOT picked up for release in the US. And Beyond the Law is a pretty good western and this film is a surprisingly good war flick.

    I never saw either film until the appeared on the old CBS late show in the mid 1970's. For A Few Dollars More, GB&U, Big Gundown, Death Rides A Horse, Day of Anger, Sabata, Barquero and El Condor I saw on the big screen as first run in movie theaters. Captain Apache, Bad Man's River, Return of Sabata played first run in my area at the drive-inn. Magnificent Seven Ride I saw at a movie theater first run. Grand Duel at the drive inn. From then on it was either first run at the drive inn or if I was lucky, some such as Stranger and the Gunfighter and Take A Hard Ride played first run at a movie theater. In the 1980's I was forced to watch some of Lee's new films first run on VHS as that is the format on which they debuted in the states as best as I could tell then. An example would be Killing Machine and Jungle Raiders.

  3. Commandos is an excellent war film and quite different. Lee's acting is as good as it gets and he is excellent. The location where Clint rides back to join the gang after the El Paso robbery is a small oasis along a dry river bed. I think the scene in Commandos was probably the same local where the dunes scene was filmed in the GBU. The trees were probably still kept in containers and taken to different locations for whatever film they were needed for. Today they are planted and aren't going anywhere.