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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Big Gundown - New Soundtrack Release

Another month another new soundtrack rerelease.  This time we are looking at the 4th release of The Big Gundown (La Resa Dei Conti).  This release is by GDM (who also had a 24 track, 51:37 release in 2001)

This new version has a longer duration of 54:09 and it is the definitive presentation. This CD includes both the original album tracks in stereo and the mono film versions with completely restored sound and also it contains a true rarity bonus track: the film version of the FINALE with a never released intro featuring a grotesque effect of arghilofono with strings and oboe.

Soundtrack is due in July
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GDM/Legend GDM 4215 

 Track Listing

1.  Run Man Run (02:49)
2.  La vedova (01:11)
3.  Titoli di testa (La caccia) (02:40)
4.  La corrida (01:52)
5.  Dopo la condanna (01:44)
6.  Primo deserto (02:30)
7.  La condanna (01:13)
8.  La resa (02:48)
9.  La resa dei conti (Seconda caccia) (02:20)
10.  Arriva Cucillo (00:50)
11.  Coro dei mormoni (01:40)
12.  Secondo deserto (01:24)
13.  Titoli di coda (La resa dei conti) (01:03)
14.  Corri uomo corri (02:49)
15.  Arriva Cucillo (versione alternativa) (00:59)
16.  La resa dei conti (Titoli - Ripresa) (02:00)
17.  Primo deserto (Jonathan Corbett) (01:51)
18.  La vedova (Il ranch) (02:04)
19.  Primo deserto (Arriva Corbett) (01:52)
20.  La resa dei conti (Square dance nuziale) (05:08)
21.  Primo deserto (Il morso del serpente) (04:25)
22.  La resa dei conti (Rosita) (02:22)
23.  Primo deserto (Preso nell'imboscata) (00:55)
24.  La resa dei conti (Mariachi) (00:41)
25.  Run Man Run (Titoli Finale) (02:47)

Previous Editions-

Verita Note VQCD-10067 (24 tracks)

GDM Music 2027 (24 tracks)

United Artists UAS 5190 (13 tracks)

I will have a blog entry on the various LVC soundtrack releases next month, to guide you to which version of each score to buy.

1 comment:

  1. I will always remember how much I enjoyed driving up and down the downtown street in my hometown in front of the theater that was playing "Big Gundown" and getting such a big kick out of riding by and seeing Lee Van Cleef's name up in lights: "Lee Van Cleef in The Big Gundown".

    I had been a huge Lee Van Cleef fan since the 1950's and that was the first time I had seen Lee's name on a theater marquee as the star of a film.

    With the Leone films Clint Eastwood was up on it. Well with GB&U it read "Clint Eastwood & Eli Wallach in The Good, Bad and Ugly".