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Saturday, May 22, 2021

VHS Flashback: God's Gun

Before streaming, blu-ray, and DVD, most LVC films were only available on home video cassette tapes, usually VHS (but also Betamax).  Many of us discovered these films for the first time in these formats (usually cropped and edited).

Often times due to rights issues, these films were given new titles (some similar to the original, some not).  Often the cover image of LVC was not from the actual film!

Here is a look back at the old VHS LVC video covers for God's Gun!

1 comment:

  1. Wow one is a familiar The Master pose and they put a straw hat on Lee's head.

    Saw on the news Charles Grodin died at age 86. I remember a late night talk show Charles had on TV.

    In 1965 Lee Van Cleef played Charles Grodin's lawyer on Burned At The Stake, an episode of My Mother The Car TV series. The episode is on YouTube. I watched it today. It's a comedy and I'm sure Lee enjoyed doing comedic scenes with Charles and Jerry Van Dyke. The three men even take a shower together.