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Saturday, May 8, 2021

God's Gun Coming to Blu-ray!

The good folks at Kino Lorber have another LVC surprise for us.  God's Gun is coming to blu-ray, which marks the first time this film has ever been presented in high definition.  No extras or release date have yet been announced.  Could Kid Vengeance be next?

Release info below-

Coming Soon!

Brand New HD Master from a 2K Scan of the Interpositive!

God’s Gun (1976) Starring Lee Van Cleef, Jack Palance, Richard Boone, Sybil Danning & Leif Garrett – Shot by Sandro Mancori (AdiĆ³s, Sabata) – Music by Sante Maria Romitelli (Hatchet and the Honeymoon) – Produced by Menahem Golan (Revenge of the Ninja) & Yorum Globus (Runaway Train) – Directed by Gianfranco Parolini (Sabata, Return of Sabata).



  1. Interesting. I think this was Lee's last western.

    Wonder if anyone knows who dubbed Lee's voice for the English language release? Apparently Jack Palance is dubbed too. Richard Boone walked during production and refused to finish the film so he was dubbed.

    Lee had said in interviews that with these international pictures where no sound is recorded, he would always make himself available for the looping so English speaking audiences would hear his voice. But Lee did not for this film. Not sure why.

  2. cant wait to see this from kino and wide screen, will make big diff, its not a bad story ,gets a bad wrap. they should tune stuff up and do a remake.