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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Captain Apache - Black and White Press Photos (part 2)

A continuation from a previous post

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  1. Carrol Baker is about 90 now. Read a recent interview and she was candid about her displeasure with several in Hollywood including directors and studio bosses. But she was nice about Eli Wallach and she didn't slam Lee. Said several American actors went to Europe to star in Italian westerns and some such as Lee Van Cleef made good money even when the films had run their course and began to spoof themselves. Ms. Baker said she tried to do that herself and started with Lee in one of those films but she didn't catch on and her spaghetti westerns career went nowhere.
    She was directed by John Ford twice and called him "Pappy". Said he was wonderful to her both times but a number of male actors said he was brutal and hateful to them.