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Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly - Poster Gallery (part 2)

A selection of non-US posters.  Click to enlarge!


  1. I like this. The posters are cool. In most markets Eli Wallach, who was a bigger name in movies when this film was shot than Clint, was given special billing with his name in a box and the name of his character, to make it equal billing to Clint. But to many Clint was better known due to Rawhide. Eli was better known in motion picture circles. Of course the Leone films made Clint a huge star in the states equaling John Wayne and Henry Fonda. And they made Lee a top ten box office draw in Italy for several years.

  2. These are great posters. I have an original movie theater poster of The Good, Bad, and ugly. I had a friend in school who's dad owned a theater, and i worked there part time and his dad gave me the poster in 1969. It is a very large poster,(4ft. wide and eight ft. tall. I kept it all these years in a trunk folded up, but in the last twenty something years, its been rolled up in a cardboard tube. Needless to say, it is one of my prize possessions. I do not know what it is worth, but if anyone out there has a clue, i would like to know. It is like the one above on the bottom left, but in English.

  3. Rick. If it's in good shape it could be valuable if shown at a western film convention. But I hesitate to put a dollar amount on it. Maybe 500 or more if in good shape.