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Saturday, June 29, 2019

LVC at the Venice Film Festival 1967

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  1. Lee obvious great physical shape in 1967. Lee said for a short period he rented an apartment in Rome when those Italian films were coming so fast and furious. This may be the year he lived in Rome. Apparently Death Rides A Horse, Day of Anger and Beyond the Law were shot very close to each other between spring and late fall 1967.

  2. Is this his wife Barbara in the first photo?

  3. No he was married to Joan in 1967. He met Barbara in 1974 when on the film The Stranger and The Gunfighter shot in Spain and Hong Kong. I think Barbara was involved in the music for that film. The young lady in the pic is apparently someone in Italy that was around. I've seen another pic of Lee holding up two girls, one in each arm, and it may be from the same day. Lee had a fan club that formed in Italy in 1967 as Lee rose to a top 10 box office star there from the Leone films and The Big Gundown. Lee recorded several 45 rpm records singing for his fan club. Someone in England send me a cassette dub of the records but one of the records had Captain Apache and April Morning on them which were recorded in 1971 in Madrid. Not sure if done of the others date to the late 60s.

    1. Thanks, I've seen this photo many times before, and always wondered if it was his wife or not.