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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Location: Tabernas - Shark Fin

Day of Anger had very little shooting in the actual desert, but there were a few key shots filmed in Tabernas.

One of the more distinctive peaks in the desert resembling a shark fin, appeared several times in the film, notably before Talby taught Scott his first lesson. 

I've visited this location twice, once in 2015 and once in 2018, and neither time could I get a decent match of the surrounding landscape.  It would appear the area has change greatly over the last 50 years from rain, wind, and whatever else!

 wide shot

 Talby spots Scott following him

After the lesson Talby rides off.  This location was not too far away from the shark fin, and is pretty much identical to it's appearance in 1967.

Talby rides off

Wider shot below.  Click to enlarge


  1. Very interesting. Communication towers on the shark fin now. And it's amazing how much some of the hills have changed. Wonder if earth moving machines were working there.

    I think the town Clifton was near Madrid and there was several scenes shot in the studio in Rome.

    There is another short peak I've noticed that apparently is close to mini Hollywood. I see it more than once in For A Few Dollars More. When Indio is escaping during the prison break, from the roof you see the little peak in the background.

  2. Yes very interesting, especially the substantial change in the topography since the 1960's.

    I and my wife will visit the Tabernas desert area within a few days (after on Thursday examining the possible location of the mysterious Esperanza station http://www.forotrenes.com/foro/download/file.php?id=301334&t=1 (from Navajo Joe) i.e. the PiƱar station north of Sierra Nevada. At least several scenes seem to have been shot close by within a kilometer or a little more and there is to my knowledge no other good Esperanza candidate within reasonable distance from the Guadix area where the same locomotive (040-2169) was stationed during the time of the filming. But the background mountains/hills in the picture linked above may constitute a problem, at least on Google Maps)