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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Location: Daganzo - Estudios Madrid 70

The western town of Daganzo de Arriba was built in 1970 by the producer Phillip Yordan and the company Mole Richardson. These studios were named Estudios Madrid 70. The set consisted of a main street with several buildings on the sides and a Mexican fortress.

Three 3 LVC movies were shot here; Captain Apache, Bad Man's River, and The Stranger & The Gunfighter

In 1979, when the spaghetti western already had disappeared, the producer and director Juan Piquer Simón purchased the studies are renamed them as Estudios Daganzo. The set was used in the filming of seven other films of different genres. The town remained standing until 1985 year that it was destroyed by fire.

I visited this location in 2015, and there is very little left that is recognizable.  Still existing is part of the fortress wall, the main church wall, and a water trough.

First here are some pictures of the location as it existed in the the 1970's...

and today...

and a few comparisons...

Captain Apache

Stranger & Gunfighter


  1. Interesting photographs. I would imagine the other films released in the US by Scotia International such as A Town Called Hell with a variety of known actors such as Robert Shaw, Chuck Conners, Telly Savalas etc. Oddly critics dismissed all these films as rushed lower showcase films trying to cash in on what was left of the Spaghetti Western craze. But they were successful in signing know actirs including Carroll Baker and James Mason who were in LVC's two films.

    With Stranger and the Gunfighter, that was a different production company and partly shot in Hong Kong.

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