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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Speed Zone Posters

Here are a few international posters from Speed Zone, aka Cannonball Run III, aka Cannonball Fever.

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Cannonball Fever original poster concept art by Robert Tanenbaum. (Orion, 1989) Original poster art accomplished in casein on 20 x 30 in. artists’ board. Featuring vibrant likenesses of the cast. Signed in the lower right of art, “Tanenbaum”. Created by legendary poster artist and illustrator Robert Tanenbaum. From the personal collection of the artist.

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  1. Could be Lee's last appearance. When Lee passed away, Variety listed this last with May the Best Man Win listed as being shot before Speed Zone. When May the Best Man Win finally came out on Video in 1990 it was titled Theives of Fortune. Speed Zone may be Lee's shortest screen time in a feature film. Or maybe Jack Slade or The Naked Street.