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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sabata - Spanish Pressbook

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  1. One of Lee's most successful films in the Italian, Spanish and German market. And as Aaron reported last week, the director recently died. It's my understanding many of the outdoor shots were in Italy. Typically the location shooting was in Spain and studio was Rome with those SW films.

    Lee clearly was surprised and pleased when For A Few Dollars More resulted in him becoming a leading man. In 1965 he had no hope of ever becoming a leading man and had decided character roles ( usually a heavy) had all but dried up. Lee had thought about shifting to what actors and musicians call a straight gig. I think it was home repair and remodeling. Of course he was out of money and would continue to do a show when someone called. And someone did. Sergio Leone. At first Lee was skeptical. Why go all the way to Italy and Spain for a few scenes? It was then Leone told Lee it was a couple starring role. Lee arrived at the hotel in Los Angeles with boots, western hat and a raincoat. Leone saw him out the window and said " He looks perfect. Give him the money. I don't want to talk to him. If I do, I may change my mind".