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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Where's LVC?

Can you find him in this behind the scenes photo from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly?

Click to enlarge.


  1. He is walking toward the camera in the bottom right of the picture. Looks like Sergio to the left of the camera with a hat. Eli Wallach said the guy without the shirt behind the camera was an excellent with cameras. His name escapes me right now. He also worked with Leone on Once Upon A Time in the West.

  2. Just remembered his name. Delli Colli. He was director of photography and Eli Wallach said he was a little guy but one of the best with a camera he had worked with. Of course that must be Eli on the horse with the rope around his neck. Eli became frustrated with that shot. He sat on the horse for hours waiting for the crew to get it setup and when they set off the little piece of dynamite, the horse ran full throttle for a mile with Eli on his back with his hands tied behind his back. Eli loved making this movie but began angry with the dangerous situations Leone put him in several times.

  3. If LVC *does*, in fact, appear in this B-t-S shot, bobO is almost certainly correct. However, without seeing the Call Sheet for this day (which day? for starters, LOL), it would be difficult to confirm -- don't forget Romano Puppo was Lee's Stunt Double. Depending on the Shooting Schedule, it's possible that Puppo was "in costume" as THE BAD, in prep for a shot preceding or following this Take. However, the leg extension and arm positions of the figure in question DO remind me of Van Cleef's gait. I'm just spit-ballin', with the Romano Puppo note above, and the fact that without hard evidence/coordinating references (eg, a Call Sheet and proof of what day this photo was captured), everything about this pic is conjecture. ;) Great find, in any case, Aaron! Best, DCG.