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Saturday, March 3, 2018

El Condor - Pressbook

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  1. Next Van Cleef goes into production for himself producing and starring in The Professional Gun. That movie was never made. One of several films announced for Lee in the 1970s and 80s that didn't happen. A few of the films did but they decided to cast another as with The Living Daylights. Joe Don Baker got the part after all was said and done.

    I was so keen to see this film and it opened in 1970 at a large city about 2 hours from me a week before it opened in my town so I drove the 110 miles to see El Condor. I liked it.

    Also was watching Dick Cavett Show when Lee appeared to promote the film. They showed a clip from the film where Lee is shown the gold by Patrick O'Neal.

    Lee told Dick he wanted to try and stir his career in a new direction and do some comedy and he had always wanted to star in his own TV series. Captain Kangaroo was also on the show and when Dick interviewed the Captain, Lee smoked a cigarette using a long black cigarette holder.

    I finally found one in the summer of 1970 but when I smoked using mine, people would laugh at me:(

  2. Great notes an' reminisce, as always, bobO! ;) Aaron, thanx for scanning and posting this --- mine's in storage at the moment, so it's great to have direct access to the info. Keep up the great work, amigo!! Best, DCG.