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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Location: Los Albaricoques - Town of Bowie

Los Albaricoques is a very familiar site to Spaghetti Western fans, beginning with it's appearance in A Fistful of Dollars.  This location would go on to appear in three LVC films, including For a Few Dollars More (as seen here), Day of Anger, and El Condor.

This small town has fully embraced this cinema background, with signage throughout the town marking where important scenes from these films were shot.  Additionally all the streets in the town have been renamed after Spaghetti Western personalities.

This report will focus on it's appearance as the fictional town of Bowie in Day of Anger.

Frank Talby arrives in Bowie

Scott Mary follows

Talby arrives at the saloon
Once arriving at the saloon, the interiors were filmed at a separate location in Tabernas as covered here 
After the interior action is complete the exterior switches back to the Los Albaricoques location where Talby guns down Wild Jack. 
Which brings us to the fifth lesson...
"You wound a man, you better kill him, or sooner or later he's gonna to kill you"

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