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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Location: Pechina - The Big Knifedown

This entry will be part one of two focusing on the finale of The Big Gundown.  Located in Pechina, south of Tabernas, this location remains for the most part, unchanged since 1966.  This location is currently on private property, but I was fortunate enough to get permission to visit and take photos.

Below are the location comparisons from the final duel between Cuchillo (Tomas Millian) and Chet (Angel del Pozo).

"No... The Blade!

Corbet retrieves his blade for Cuchillo

Man vs. Knife! 

Final shot of the duel
Chet gets a knife to the head, and Brockston arrives to declare...
"You're really too damn smart to be a Senator"

Next entry... The Big Gundown!


  1. Thanks, Great Work

  2. Fabulous! Thank you for all your hard work and travel. Wonderful shots that now make me look more closely at the scenery, instead of being constantly riveted on LVC. That's only a half promise!