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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Location: Pechina - The Big Gundown

A continuation from the previous post on the finale location of The Big Gundown, this time focusing on the duel between LVC's Jonathan Corbett and Gerard Herter as the masterfully monocled Baron von Schulenberg. 

Located in Pechina, south of Tabernas, this location remains for the most part, unchanged since 1966.

Below are the location comparisons from the final duel-

The duel begins

The completely unchanged landscape

Erosion has changed much of the landscape of the Barron's hill

Wide shot (not as high up as it looks)

Final shot of the duel

Everyone is shot!

Brockston is still the man in charge!

...or not!
Victorious, Jonathan Corbet rides off


  1. Very impressive. Just great! Thanks a lot Aaron.

  2. Great stuff. Are you willing to share the coordinates of these TBG locations?


    Angel Eyes