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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Codename: Wildgeese and The Commander - Coming to Blu-ray (Germany)

Codename: Wildgeese and The Commander are receiving a wide Blu-ray release in Europe.  Both discs are coming out from Ascot Elite on May 13.  Kommando Leopard (which does not star LVC, but one could argue is part of an unofficial trilogy) will also be released on the same date.


Extras look to include trailers for both.

This will mark the second European release of both films.  They were previously released by NSM records last year in a limited edition of 1000 each.  The discs by NSM featured a few additional extras, however these discs are getting harder to find, and are far more expensive than these upcoming releases.

It is unknown if these new releases will be the same prints/transfers as the NSM releases, but I would assume so.  US compatibility also unknown.




  1. Oh, wow, yet another blueray release in Germany! Not my favourite kind of films, but still it is amazing to see so much LVC being honoured and getting another brushup. Dear Koch Media (or whoever feels in charge), can we please also have a nicely brushed up and multi lingual version of Beyond the Law, the Stranger and the Gunfighter and Mean Frank and crazy Tony? You'd have at least one customer for them! Pleeeeeaaaase?!

  2. As per DVD encoding, most likely these will be PAL (Region 2), Aaron. If anyone needs DVD Region Codes explained, here's a handy site: http://ice.he.net/~hedden/DVD_video_standards.html

    Keep up the great work, Aaron! ;)