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Monday, May 19, 2014

Blu-ray Screenshot Compare: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

* 6/13/2014 Update - Full Disc Review HERE

Although we are still 2 weeks away from seeing the new blu-ray transfer of the The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly hitting stores in the US, other territories have been released with this new transfer.  The results are... interesting, and there is some debate within the movie community as to the correctness of the color timing of the new transfer (as you can see it is very yellow).

Personally based on the screencaps, I lean towards liking the 2009 Italian disc, but looking at screencaps is one thing, and watching the film is another, so I would advise not to make any final opinions until watching the film.  Regardless of the difference in color and contrast the new transfer feature much better detail and clarity over the 2009 blu-ray!

Below are sets of 3 screen captures in order from the following sources
  1. 2009 MGM US disc
  2. 2009 Mondo Italian disc
  3. 2014 MGM UK Re-master disc  (which will be the same as what we get in the US)
Click to enlarge. 

Screencaps courtesy of caps-a-holic. 


  1. The new disc looks quite dark. On the other hand it seems closer to how these movies looked like in cinema, with more yellow, brownish tones. As far as I know, the original colors where only respected on the Italian DVD of Once Upon a Time in the West

  2. I agree with Simon. The newer ones do seem to have a more brown/yellow tone. Almost sepia looking.
    But as far as clarity, they are all similar. Just coloration looks different to me.
    Just saying!