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Saturday, January 5, 2013

El Condor Trailer

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  1. Couldn't wait to see this & went to the library to read out of town papers I found an advertisement for El Condor starting Friday at a theater in a town over 2 hours away. Friday I got out of working that day and drove all the way and found the theater and saw El Condor. There were two other Lee Van Cleef fans sitting in front on me. I realised that when Lee is first seen on the screen gulping down liquor out of a bottle and one of them said "There he is!".

    It will be 43 years ago this summer but I still remember that guy saying that sitting in front of me. Also I wasn't expecting Marianna Hill to be completely nude in the film. When I realised she was taking it ALL off, I closed my eyes! You believe me don't ya?