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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Magnificent Seven Ride! - Trailer

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  1. One of Lee's films that is becoming famous with younger audiences. I noticed on IMDb there are many reviews from people seeing this the first time and everybody likes it. Several say it the second best of the M7 films.

    One review I read said it has the look & feel of a TV movie & I think that was the original plan but later they decided to release it in theaters.

    The Hard Way was originally to be released in theaters but Pat & the original director really clashed until the director was fired & that is when they decided to do a TV released in the UK. When it finally came out in the states, it was VHS as far as I know.

    I just read about Patrick & the original director having some big fights. That makes twice that Lee Van Cleef has been in a film with a leading role and another major actor in the film as clashed with the director. The other of course was Richard Boone & the director of God's Gun. With God's Gun, it was the actor who was out & not the director. Boone walked off the set after cussing out the director & refused to finish the film or dub his lines in English.