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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Candid LVC Photos

It looks like Lee had more photos of himself hanging up than his biggest fans.  I dig his style!  These look to be from the late 70's.

Looks like a photo of Sergio Leone near the top.


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  1. The one in the middle at the top is from "Mean Frank and Crazy Tony". Yes he did have a good number of photos on that wall.

    I remember when Lee was interviewed on the set of Armed Response (I think it was called The Jaded Jungle when it was being shot in LA) on Entertainment Tonight, Lee was sitting in a directors chair on the set while they spoke with him, they showed many stills of Lee in action in various acting jobs and a few I did not know which film or TV show it was from. I wondered WHERE they got all those pictures and now I'm betting that Lee provided them himself.

    I had noticed promotional ads for Entertainment Tonight for that particular installment on TV & it promoted the fact that they were to interview Lee Van Cleef on the set of his latest film shooting now in L.A.

    They told Lee he was best known over the years for playing bad guys and Lee said he did do a lot of those (all those pictures were popping up on the TV screen as this part of the discussion was taking place) but Lee also pointed out that he had done a lot of good guy roles too even back before he broke through as a leading man with Sergio Leone.