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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Blu-ray Review - Beyond The Law (Spain)


New from Spain by Mon Inter, comes a new release of Beyond the Law on Blu-ray.  This movie never gets the respect it deserves, and this blu-ray release does not do it full justice, but is an improvement over the German disc.  This appears to be an all region disc, however it is a BD-R disc, so it may be
troublesome for some players (it took me a few tries to get it to play)

main menu

This presentation of the film is the uncut longer version (approximately 20 minutes longer than the US cut) That being said, it is a hybrid cut, likely sourced from the uncut DVD by Wild East, and the German blu-ray of the cut version.  Any scene that was not part of the 90 minute version is from an upscaled DVD, so there are constant jumps in quality between the two sources.

Overall the HD video is less detailed than the German release, but not by a wide margin.  

German Blu-ray

Spanish Blu-ray (this release)

Screencaps below (click to enlarge!) -


The audio is available in Spanish, Italian, and English.  English audio is available for any scenes that were dubbed in English.  There are a handful of scenes that were never dubbed in English and they are in Italian (with no subtitles)




Probably the best version of the film quality-wise to-date.  Basically just think of it as the old uncut DVD with HD footage laid over the US cut parts of the film (90 minutes of 110).  

  • Uncut version of the film
  • English language
  • Only fair picture quality (alternates between HD and non-HD cuts)
  • No extra features

Full stats and ordering info- 
  • Region: ALL
  • Language: Spanish, Italian, English
  • Subtitles: Portuguese
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Studio: Mon Inter
  • Run Time: 110 minutes (1:49:49)

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