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Saturday, May 4, 2024

(CLIP) Lee Van Cleef -- his 1980s Italian Films

Clip from "American Actors in a Declining Italian Cinema" featurette on the LAST MATCH Blu-Ray from Cauldron Films. The full video, made by tough-guy film expert Mike Malloy, also features Fred Williamson, Bo Svenson, Martin Balsam, Henry Silva, Charles Napier and Ernest Borgnine.

LAST MATCH available here: https://www.cauldron-films.com/produc... Buy Mike Malloy a Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/mikemalloy Mike Malloy on Instagram:   / toughandgrittymikemalloy  

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  1. Very interesting. And I think you are correct. Lee would have been cast in some of those U. S. westerns but probably not large parts.

    As to 1982 Lee did have two films Lee talked about coming up between Escape From New York and Killing Machine shot in Spain and France in 1983.
    One was a film to be shot in Italy and one was a U. S. film Lee himself was going to produce.
    Those films were delayed and unfortunately never went before the cameras. Those delays and possibly the pacemaker were the reasons Lee had a two year break.
    And there were a few films for which Lee was considered including another John Carpenter film but unfortunately the part ended up going to another actor.
    Lee also was to be in a comedy to be called " Spaghetti Western" and Lee mentioned it whole on the Today Show upluging "Theaster" but that too never went before the cameras.