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Saturday, September 2, 2023

Big Gundown - Italian Pressbook

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  1. Very cool. I have an Italian version of Big Gundown on DVD. Some critics say it's Lee's best non Leone spaghetti western.
    In an interview Lee said in 1965 after For A Few Dollars More wrapped he flew back to LA and was back doing first roles on several television series and this continued into 1966 but it was spotty. I know he got a role on n My Mother The Car in 1965 and Gunsmoke in 1966. Then Leone wanted Lee back for Good, Bad and Ugly. Chuck Conners and the producer of Chuck's new series Branded got Lee and big part to help pay for Lee's plane ticket to Rome. While Good, Bad and Ugly was shooting, its producer Alberto Grimaldi offered Lee a starring role in a western The Big Gundown. It was shot in Spain and Italy back to back with Good, Bad and Ugly. In 1966 Lee went from struggling character actor working TV series guest episodes to a leading man!!