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Saturday, September 17, 2022


As part of a 80's VHS release of Captain Apache, Video Gems decided to market the film box to those familiar with LVC's look that a general audience was familiar with.  This meant making sure LVC had his proper mustache, which he did not have in this film.  It literally looks like someone drew it onto the box art.

I have confirmed multiple copies of the same cover artwork!  Check it out!

Modified box art

Original poster art

rear cover

two examples of the drawn on stache!


  1. Yes as I understand it, apparently full blooded Native Americans don't go bald and they can't grow facial hair.
    When this movie was shot in very late 1970 and early 1971, Lee not only had to be void of facial and chest hair but couldn't be balding on top.
    And indeed it looks as if someone drew the black moustache.

  2. In that one scene where he's nearly naked, I think he had to remove his leg hair, too