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Saturday, December 4, 2021

God's Gun Blu-ray Details and Release Date

Coming February 8th! PRE-ORDER NOW

• Brand New 2K Master 
• NEW Audio Commentary by Filmmaker Alex Cox 
• Reversible Art 
• Theatrical Trailer 
• Optional English Subtitles 

Color 94 Minutes 1.85:1 Rated R 

Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. Screen legends Lee Van Cleef (For a Few Dollars More), Jack Palance (Chato’s Land) and Richard Boone (Hombre) star in this tough-as-nails Italian-Israeli spaghetti western from director Gianfranco Parolini (Sabata, AdiĆ³s, Sabata, Return of Sabata). A man of the cloth (Van Cleef) is brutally murdered while trying to defend his dusty town from a ruthless band of outlaws led by the nasty Sam Clayton (Palance). The bandits, however, did not count on the priest’s gunslinging twin brother (also Van Cleef) to seek bloody revenge. Produced by the legendary Golan-Globus team (Enter the Ninja, Runaway Train), scored by Sante Maria Romitelli (Hatchet for the Honeymoon) and co-starring Sybil Danning (They’re Playing with Fire) and Leif Garrett (Devil Times Five), God’s Gun is an unholy western shoot-’em-up like no other!

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  1. Should bring new interest in the film. I continue to be intrigued as to why Lee didn't dub the English language version. In 1970 Lee talked about how these films unlike Hollywood, are shoot without sound and they are dubbed into different languages. But Lee said he always made himself available to loop the English language version as English speaking audiences are familiar with his voice.

    Richard Boone got into it with the director and quit and flew back to America. So I was expecting Boone to be dubbed by another when I saw the film in the late 1970's. But not Lee. Jack may be dubbed too. It's hard to tell as his voice sounds like Jack Palance to me but sometimes maybe not.