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Saturday, April 17, 2021


There must have been some revisionist history in the late 1960's in Europe, as this rerelease poster for The Lawless Breed, elevates LVC's bit part, to a starring role.

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  1. Yes indeed! The Lawless Breed was on Grit tv a couple of weeks ago. Lee got a starring role in the late 60's with episodes of Branded edited together for a feature film. I think it was a three part story of Branded in 1965 called Charlie Yates. A a two part The Untouchables was released as Lee having a starring role as Guns of Zargara. And the films Kansas City Confidential and Big Combo had Lee elevated to second and third billing. At least with KCC Lee is in most of the last half of the film.

    I don't understand how people who do this can sleep at night. Rip off artists. They tried to take some Rawhide episodes and release a new Clint Eastwood movie in Italy in the late 60's but Clint sued and got it stopped. Apparently Lee didn't pay attention to these things.