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Saturday, February 13, 2021

VHS Flashback: Mean Frank & Crazy Tony

Before streaming, blu-ray, and DVD, most LVC films were only available on home video cassette tapes, usually VHS (but also Betamax).  Many of us discovered these films for the first time in these formats (usually cropped and edited).

Often times due to rights issues, these films were given new titles (some similar to the original, some not).  Often the cover image of LVC was not from the actual film!

Here is a look back at the old VHS LVC video covers for Mean Frank & Crazy Tony!

1 comment:

  1. One cover apparently from The Big Gundown. I have a VHS of Escape From Death Row and a scene 9r two are juxtaposed, a scene or two cut completely and a cast list that does not appear in the film other than Lee. Barbara Moore, Richard Lane ARE NOT IN THE FRIGGIN FILM. Escape From Death Row was released to cash in on the last successful film Lee was in. 1981's Escape From New York. The people who put out that film are like the scammers who call me daily trying to get me to extend my car warranty coverage or that I'm behind on my car payment (car paid for) or they are with the FBI or IRS demanding payment for supposed violations of the law. I use a well known tax service and have NEVER visited illegal websites. All an attempt to gain access to my checking account in order to steal my money.

    I suspect Escape From Death Row is actually an attempt to confuse people into thinking this is actually Escape From New York, a film they had heard about.