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Saturday, January 2, 2021

VHS Flashback: Bad Man's River

Before streaming, blu-ray, and DVD, most LVC films were only available on home video cassette tapes, usually VHS (but also Betamax).  Many of us discovered these films for the first time in these formats (usually cropped and edited).

Often times due to rights issues, these films were given new titles (some similar to the original, some not).  Often the cover image of LVC was not from the actual film!

Here is a look back at the old VHS LVC video covers for Bad Man's River!

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  1. Bad Man's River. The box with Lee from Good, Bad and Ugly also reversed so Lee has his gun in his left hand at Sad Hill.
    Bad Man's River was one of about 6 westerns shot in Spain in the early 1970's for Scotia International releasing in England. Apparently they were to cash in on the Spaghetti Western craze late in the cycle and despite having noted writers, directors and cast members these westerns received bad reviews by critics. James Mason, Gina Lollobridgia, Robert Shaw, Clint Walker, Chuck Conners, Stella Stevens,Telly, Salavas, Carol Baker, Stuart Whitman were among noted actors who signed for these films.
    They began to worry James Mason wasn't going to show as they couldn't find him but he arrived in Madrid but unshaven and long hair and they didn't recognize him. Reports were that Lee and Gina were unhappy with the work and complained a lot and Gina also became fussy over billing and her salary. Lee had top billing but Mason and Gina had been staring in major films when Lee was a supporting actor and doing TV episode work. When James Mason returned to England he told his friends he did the film because he needed a quick paycheck and the film didn't work and he doubted it would ever be released in English speaking markets. But it was!! Lee made two of these films back to back and Captain Apache came out in late 1971 the year it was shot. But Bad Man's River was held back in the States. Finally released in America in 1974. It was released in Europe in 1971 the year it was shotmaking theaters in Italy in December. It played first run at the drive inn in my area. Like Captain Apache, much of it was shot at Estudios Madrid Film stages in Madrid. Apparently all the noted actors did these films for a quick paycheck. Gina Lollobridgia complained during and after wards she should have passed on it. Her 50,000.00 salary was an insult to an actress who had starred in several international box-office hits.

    Lee Van Cleef on his tour of America promoting El Condor said he was ready to try new things. Said he wanted to be in some comedies and he always wanted to star in his own TV series. But when Lee returned to work after a break in 1970, it was these two pictures.

    To me Lee was on a roll. For A Few Dollars More to El Condor. Ten films with major billing and though several were not hits in America, all did big box office in Italy, Spain and Germany. I think Lee stumbled when he went with Captain Apache and Bad Man River. But by 1972 Lee was starting in another American made film shoot and shot in Hollywood. The Magnificent Seven Ride which did good box office in the US.