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Saturday, November 14, 2020

For a Few Dollars More - Rare Photos (part 3)

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  1. Always thought Lee stole this film from Eastwood. Perhaps that’s why Clint never fully acknowledged Lee as the very good actor he was. Perhaps he didn’t want the competition.

  2. Hi Cuffs. When Henry Fonda then Charles Bronson turned down Leone for The Bad in GB&U, it has been claimed Clint suggested Lee for the part but initially Leone thought it was too much of a contrast from Lee's part in this film. Then Leone said after mulling it over he liked the idea. Clint claims he really enjoyed doing GB&U and working with Eli Wallach. But Clint also complained going from the lead in the first one to "two of us" in the second one and now three of us. That on the next one "I'll be starring with the entire US Cavalry". Eastwood was offered a role in Once Upon A Time In The West and apparently it was the part of Harmonica but turned it down saying he was tired of that style and was ready to move on with other parts and to see if he could establish himself as a leading man back home in America. It created a riff between himself and Leone. Lee was also offered a part in Once Upon A Time but said he turned it down but couldn't remember exactly why. Many believe it was a small part at the beginning waiting on Harmonica arrive on the train. The scene was inspired by a similar scene in High Noon and Lee was in that scene with Robert Wilkie and Sheb Wooley. In Once Upon A Time Lee would apparently had appeared with Jack Elam and Woody Strode. Lee and Jack had appeared together in several films and TV episodics over the years. But there is no doubt Clint distanced himself from those Leone films moving forward and Eli Wallach complained that Clint, whom he liked and thought Clint liked him, never offered him a part in any of those films Malpasco made. When Clint heard about it Clint did offer Eli a minor role in Misty River which Eli accepted.