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Saturday, December 21, 2019

"Bad Guy Cleef Returns to TV" - Associated Press Article

A Los Angeles Times article covering Lee Van Cleef's casting in the pilot for "Nowhere to Hide"


  1. Lee had told that bar/fight story before. I was tuned in for that TV movie and enjoyed it. Was disappointed when NBC decided not to pick it up. Lee said in another interview that he had always wanted to star in his own TV series after years of playing parts in 150 tv series as a guest player.

    Also Lee was in a few TV episodics in 1966 including a big part in a GUNSMOKE. So it probably was 11 years absence which happened because after The Good, The Bad and Ugly, Lee decided to switch to leading man roles primarily in European films. But he was back on TV in 1979 in a TV special starring Glenn Ford and featuring dozens of western stars including Lee.

  2. Has anyone been able to track this one down on YouTube?

  3. Hey that's my clipping I posted a few yers ago.

  4. Happy holidays Arch. A very fine clean print of For A Few Dollars More was on Grit TV last night at 8pm. Laramie is on right now. Lee did about 4 of those TV shows.

    Last I checked Nowhere To Hide isn't on YouTube. I have it on VHS tape but my machine is in storage right now. I don't remember why I did that. Oh well I'm going to get it out soon. Hope it still works.