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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Lee Van Cleef on Star Trek: The Next Generation?

Lee Van Cleef could have been Captain Picard?

One of the first documents released was a casting list from April 1987, with a rundown of potential actors to play Captain Picard. Interestingly, Patrick Stewart is not listed. Instead, a variety of actors including Yaphet Kotto, John Saxon, Billy Dee Williams, and Lee Van Cleef are displayed as possibilities.


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  1. Thanks. I had heard that before. Lee also was considered in the 1980's for several roles that ended up going to another. John Carpenter's The Fog was one they almost went with Lee because Carpenter had just done Escape From New York. The Living Daylights (007) was another but Joe Don Baker got the part. Another was a Alfred Hitchcock film and Lee was supposedly in the running close to final casting. Apparently Escape From New York got some thinking about Lee for A list pictures but none came through.