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Saturday, August 3, 2019

For a Few Dollars More - Poster Gallery (part 2)

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  1. "Originally Sergio wanted Henry Fonda in Lee Van Cleef's part. Sergio thought there was a resemblance between Fonda and me that would serve is a mentor, father son kinda thing. But he couldn't get Henry Fonda...he couldn't get anybody...no one had heard of Sergio in Hollywood. The dollar pictures had not come out in the states and become as effective as they were some months later so he goes to Hollywood and comes back with Lee Van Cleef and I thought Lee Van Cleef. That's interesting. He always had a great face and I use to see him around at Universal years ago. He was kinda one of the better known character actors then..worked a lot, nice guy. So he came over and did the part and I thought it was interesting "

    Clint Eastwood remarks on Lee while discussing For A Few Dollars More.