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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Day of Anger - Spanish Pressbook

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  1. Que pasa. I see it bills Gemma first which correct. The original Italian version has Lee billed second. In America National General promoted it as Lee Van Cleef starring above the title and Gemma as one of the featured players. And in 1969 when I saw this film new at an indoor theater, I'd never heard of Gemma. I later discovered he was one of the top stars in Italian Cinema at the time.

  2. First off, love this blog, keep up the great work. Secondly, I'm curious why they are listing it at 70mm, I guess the must have done a few blow up prints?

  3. That must be the reason Jordon. For a period of time this film set box office records in Italy. Apparently a tribute to the fallout of Leone's films and the star power of Guliano Gemma in Italy. I well remember being so surprised when I saw this film new on the big screen in 1969 and Gemma had first billing. At the time, I had never heard of him as I'm in the US. And National General pictures which also released El Condor, picked up US distribution for Day of Anger, promoted the film by only using Lee Van Cleef as the star and made no mention of any other cast member in anything including the one sheets displayed in the front of the theater, the trailer or TV spots.