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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Day of Anger - Behind the Scenes Photo

Here is an interesting photo from the production of Day of Anger.  Especially interesting is the fact that this Spaghetti Western actually recorded live sound!

click to enlarge!

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  1. Very interesting. Wonder if it was a scratch track later dubbed were necessary? A clearly many of the actors in this were dubbed for Engish release including the actor with top billing Gemma. I heard his voice in Italian language films and that is not him in the English dub.

    I remember Lee saying in an interview in the early 70s that after the Leone pictures which were dubbed in English in New York City, the dubbing was done in Rome and he always made himself available because its important for English speaking patrons to hear his voice. But when Lee got to God's Gun he didn't do that which to me was disappointing. Richard Boone didn't either but that is not surprising because he walked off the set a d refused to do all his scenes, returned to the states and trashed the upcoming film to the press taunting the producers to sue him but I dont think they did.