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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Review: Kraftico LVC "The Bad" Poster

The newly formed poster company, Kraftico, under license from MGM, has recently announced the sale of thier first poster release, an officially licensed limited edition screen print from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  This first release is a beautiful poster of "The Bad" himself, Angel Eyes.

The poster is available in two variants, and I was fortunate enough to get both for the purpose of this review.

Regular version (left) - Variant version (right)

Both posters measure 24x36 inches, which fits a standard frame you can easily find.  Both are printed on 110lbs Mohawk Superfine White Paper, which is a very thick high quality paper.  This is not a cheap glossy movie poster by any means.  The print quality is also outstanding.

Below are the stats of both posters-

Regular Version - $50
Limited edition of 350
24" x 36" hand-numbered 6 Color Screen Print 
Variant Version - $55
Limited edition of 150
24" x 36" hand-numbered 7 Color Screen Print

The variant poster features an extra color which gives it an overall cooler appearance with the additional bluish grey color.  Variant also features the Italian title.

The main portrait is of Angel Eyes earlier in the film, with the smaller full body shot from a publicity still from the end of the duel at Sad Hill.  The white's of LVC's eyes are quite striking in this display.

Overall I think it is a beautiful poster.  I do hope Kraftico gets a chance to make "Good" and "Ugly" posters, as it would make for an awesome three poster set.  The only drawback I currently see is that they do not ship internationally.  USA and Canada only.

Posters can be ordered here - https://kraftico.com/collections/all

Below are some additional close ups-

I've got one of mine framed up, and I am quite happy with it!  This is a really great item for a LVC fan, and I am thrilled that Kraftico chose "The Bad" as their first product!


  1. I think I like the blueish version better, it makes such a nice contrast with the warm hue of his face and shawl. What a great idea!

  2. Our hearty thanks to you Aaron.

    Yes, We agree with you that this is a really great item for a LVC fan. We being ourselves a LVC fan enjoyed the whole process of creating this poster.

  3. Agree with Maggie. Good job to all involved. Thank you Aaron for all you do!!