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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Quentin Tarantino on LVC

Check out the first 45 seconds of the below clip!

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  1. I know how he feels. I've been on a Lee Van Cleef kick since about 1954 which is about when I could put a name with the face. On Saturday morning one of the TV stations in my area ran a western theater beginning at 6:30 am. Fury, Gene Autry, Range Rider, Kit Carson, Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, Sky.King. By about 10 am they had The Whirlybirds & Space Patrol. Years later I learned all the shows were syndicated and not network. I liked the bad guys and Lee was my favorite. Would see him one, two or three of those shows each month. Black and White TV and candy cigarette commercials. And doctors on the Camel cigarette ads. What cigarette do you smoke doctor? Latest national survey proves 2 out of 3 doctors answer..CAMEL!!!