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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Bad Man's River - Candid and Rare Photos

Never seen these before!  Click to enlarge!







  1. Read just a few weeks ago the producer had lost touch with James Mason and worried he would be a no show. Finally got him on the phone and related they were taking the contract seriously. Mason arrived in Spain in time for first day shooting but told friends the film wasn't going to work and he and Gina were there only because they needed the money. His friends said it's probably one if those Italian/Spanish Westerns that wouldn't make the English speaking world but since a British company was involved it finally came out in the UK. Said Mason and Lee Van Cleef were difficult on the set much of the time. Unhappy. That British company make a series of European style Westerns in Spain in early 70s and brought in noted actors such as Robert Shaw, Telly Savalas,Chuck Conners, Stuart Whitman, Carol Baker etc but none of them were particularly good. It also said Bad Man's River was announced for Yule Brenner but he backed out so they had Lee there for Captain Apache and offered it to him and he took it but apparently wasn't happy with how it was going.

  2. Maybe all those people moaning about the movie in the first place really did contribute to its bad reputation, but to tell you the truth I do like it. There are some nice twists and ideas in the plot and Lee does well as a gentleman. And after all it is a comedy. And I really love the pics, Aaron, many of them I've never seen before! Really lovely stuff! I wonder where you always manage to dig things up. And thanks for the additional info, BobO, intriguing as always!

  3. Sorry to hear that he wasn't happy when shooting this film. I wish he could have done some zany romantic comedy. He was such a great view to look with his extraordinary refined facial features but peculiar handsome look. The very little romantic act he did with Gina is so funny and they are both good at it. Alas, one can't ask too much for he'd already given us very many great performances and memorable characters.