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Saturday, April 1, 2017

LVC on Amazon Prime

Those of you who subscribe to Amazon Prime in the US will find a number of LVC titles streaming for free.  Some highlights include-

  • Day of Anger (HD Widescreen)
  • Death Rides A Horse (fullscreen poor quality print)
  • Grand Duel (HD Widescreen)
  • Commandos (partially cropped widescreen)
  • Blood Money (widescreen poor quality)
  • The Squeeze (fullscreen poor quality print)

However best of all they have two 80's action films not available on DVD or blu-ray in the states!
  • Codename: Wildgeese (Widescreen)
  • The Commander (Widescreen)

I'm sure this list is subject to change, so check back with Amazon Prime often!

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