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Saturday, March 4, 2017

DVD Review: Mexican Jackpot - aka Thieves of Fortune

As there is no blu-ray release of Thieves of Fortune, I have opted to give a DVD review of the latest version of this DVD on the market.

Thieves of Fortune was LVC's last film released (in 1990 after his death).  His role in the film is brief, and he is gone by the 18 minute mark of the film.  Overall this is a pretty terrible movie, and definitely not one worthy of being his last film role.

This DVD is sold under the name Mexican Jackpot, while in the actual film the title card reads as Chameleon.  In the US the film was released as Thieves of Fortune.

Unfortunately this DVD has only been available in Europe, and as such is region 2/PAL encoded (making it unplayable on most US DVD players)


Despite being a 2017 DVD release, this transfer looks to be nothing more than a poor VHS dub. My laserdisc of this film from the early 90's looked better than this!

Screencaps below-

German or English

  • Trailer (looks like something they downloaded off YouTube of a television broadcast ad)

This film is really more of a curiosity for hardcore LVC fans.  I would only really recommend it for completists.

  • Low price

  • Region 2 PAL (UK) only



  1. Yes this film I would rate 2 stars out of 5. It's a small part for Lee but people trying to make a buck off this film have Lee billed first in the credits which will be a disappointment for one thinking they have just purchased a film starring Van Cleef. Lee here and in the beer TV commercial ( is absolute last job) does not look well and looks older than his age. Lee was suffering from throat cancer at this point and a failing heart. He had to have a pacemaker installed in the early 1980s.

  2. Just thought I'd make doubly sure, this DVD can be heard in English at the same time, right? I LOVE "Thieves Of Fortune" (1988). Been wishing to own it on DVD

    1. Thanks Aaron. Appreciate it allot. Lee Van Cleef is my idol & alltime favorite actor! He's been my idol ever since I was in 5th Grade. I so LOVE his performance as Angel Eyes! 😀😉😁

  3. Does anybody have a clue which part of Africa this movie was filmed in? Would anybody not mind taking any photos & making videos of the location shots where "Thieves Of Fortune" (1988) was filmed please? Because I'd totally LOVE to visit & check out each different location shot where they filmed the movie itself.

  4. Does anybody have a clue who the Female Vocalist is who sings with Lance Ellington to the theme song "Love You Too"?

  5. Sorry to give away spoilers, but what's the name of the South American Tribe that captures our heroes Peter Christopher (Shawn Weatherly) & H. H. Christopher (Craig Gardener)?

  6. Does anybody have a clue who played the rest of Sergio's Guests & Cooks at his Birthday Party, Peter Christopher's Mom, the evil Police Inspector's (Joe Ribeiro) Goons, people at the place where our heroes meet Big Rosa (Liz Torres) & the rest of the South American Indians who capture Peter & H.H.? Forgive me for asking too many questions, but I ask because I'm a Film & Music Researcher & I do editing & add more cast & crew members' names onto my alltime favorite website on IMDB.com & I'd be honored to add more of the Extras' names onto the uncredited cast list for "Thieves Of Fortune" on IMDB. & if I have their permission.