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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Location: Tabernas - Sabata Double Cross

The majority of Sabata was shot in Italy, with only a few key scenes shot in Spain.

The area known as Las Salinillas within the Spanish desert of Tabernas has been featured in countless Spaghetti Westerns, and many LVC westerns including The Big Gundown, Death Rides a Horse, Beyond the Law and Sabata.

This entry will focus on the sequence where Banjo double crosses Sabata outside of Los Palos.

Sabata, Banjo, and Carrincha ride out of Los Palos 

 Sabata and Carrincha wait...
...as Banjo double crosses them

Sabata is wise to Banjo's deception

Sabata outwits Banjo, and lets him go

 Sabata departs, ready to go antagonize Stengel.  (Much of the ground has collapsed here where they once stood)

Interestingly enough this same location was used in the Yul Brynner "sequel", Adios Sabata.  The title sequence is framed almost exactly the same as the opening of the above scene.

Additionally the opening sequence preceding the Adios Sabata credits was also shot here, where the ruins of the Los Palos set remain to this day.


Sabata would not return to this location for a third time.  The final film, Return of Sabata was shot entirely outside of Spain.


1 comment:

  1. I have studied the final minutes of Sabata, and observed that Lee Van Cleef first left riding northeast or so, but in the following moment more or less is back where he left the wagon and is riding close the opposite directing as you can see from the mountains in the background.
    You can also, most likely, see Mini Hollywood in a far distance (and 2 white buildings ) in its actual location.
    I wonder if it was used for the town in the movie, even if I have read otherwise ? Anyhow I think Sabata is rather good LVC movie.