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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Location: Tabernas - Parting of Ways - Stranger & Gunfighter

The Stranger & The Gunfighter was LVC's last western shot in Spain. This production revisits many locations used in previous films such as For A Few Dollars More (Mini Hollywood), Captain Apache / Bad Man's River (EM70 Studios), and El Condor (the fortress is featured briefly).

Near the climax of the film LVC and Lo Lieh briefly part ways outside of the enemy fortress.  For this exterior and one brief interior later the El Condor fortress was used (the remaining fortress shots were shot at EM70 studios near Madrid). 

This scene was shot entirely in Tabernas in a ravine near El Condor.  While the remains of the fortress are now in ruin, the rocky landscape is still identifiable from The Stranger and The Gunfighter.

Dakota looks over the fortress

Dakota rejoins Ho

the two decide to part ways
Additional photos below (click to enlarge)



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