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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Location: Nijar - Day of Anger Horse Duel

In Day of Anger, the greatest scene (in my opinion) is the horseback front-loading rifle duel between Lee Van Cleef and Benito Stefanelli.  While much of the film was shot in Italy, this particular sequence was shot in Spain, near San Jose (where the Bill Farrow Ranch scenes were shot).
Today the location, is mostly unchanged, just a bit more unkempt.  The tracking shot of the moving horse duel was actually filmed from the roadway, which is the main street into San Jose today.
LVC readies for action!

Benito is ready...
The duel commences!

 ...and ends!

As if there was any doubt who the winner would be!


  1. Very impressing! And again, much... ehm.... greener? nowadays. Having a closer look at the pictures I noticed that they seem to have planted grass tufts way back in the 60s in order to stop soil erosion, they make really nice geometrical patterns in the desert! I never noticed watching the movie (but then I haven't really watched it as often as some others as there are several things that just don't sit well with me...). Very interesting, Aaron, great work!

  2. Yes this is amazing work Aaron. I had heard the town set was north of Rome. I guess that is correct. This film only did okay box office in the U. S. but was HUGE in Italy. I think it sold more tickets than For A Few Dollars More which was a mega hit in Italy too.