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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Original LVC Poster Artwork at Auction

Last week Profiles in History hosted their 74th Hollywood auction.  Amongst the nearly 2,000 lots of unique artifacts including original screen used costumes and props, were 2 lots of original artwork used in the creation of one-sheet posters and additional advertising materials for 3 different Lee Van Cleef films.

The first lot contained artwork from both Sabata and Return of Sabata

1403. Sabata (3) original poster art. (United Artists, 1969) Vintage original (3) color poster artworks including (1) accomplished in acrylic on 24.75 x 15 in. illustration board, (1) accomplished in acrylic on 27 x 27.7 in. illustration board mounted to foam core, and (1) accomplished in acrylic on 40 x 28 in. illustration board with corner loss. All with signs of minor soiling and handling. In vintage very good condition. 

 $400 - $600 (estimate)

The above lot of 3 Sabata poster artwork sold for a staggering $13,200, and features two very iconic Lee Van Cleef images as seen below in the US versions of the poster.

The next lot featured the key piece of artwork for The Magnificent Seven Ride!
1406. The Magnificent Seven Ride! original poster art. (United Artists, 1972) Vintage original color poster art accomplished in acrylic on 25 x 32 in. illustration board mounted to foam core. Exhibiting soiling, registration tape remnants. In vintage very good condition.

 $300 - $500 (estimate)

 This lot sold for $1800, and I am pleased to add it to my collection!

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