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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Back From Spain!

I've been back from Spain for a week now, and have only begun to go over the nearly 2000(!) photos I took over the week I spent chronicling the many locations of LVC.  As it stands now, there will probably around 20 new location posts that I will release throughout the rest of the year (probably every other week).

On this trip I wanted to focus mainly on the non-Leone locations, and I am very satisfied with the results.  While many of the set locations are in poor condition due to age, neglect, and the elements, it is a fascinating study of man vs. nature.  Below you can see the desert of Tabernas retake a location from Day of Anger.


Many locations previously unavailable have been made available to me with permissions of the owners.  At last I have conquered the remains of the fortress of El Condor, yet the only real gold still remains to be Jaroo's gold nugget!

Another highlight of the trip was visiting the location from the finale of The Big Gundown.  Virtually pristine and unchanged since 1966, I even allowed myself to assume a non-Van Cleef role... who could not resist doing the Cuchillo knife pose!

Beyond the southern Spain locations, I also ventured to a few locations near Madrid, including the remains of E70 Studios, where Captain Apache, Bad Man's River, and The Stranger & The Gunfighter were filmed.
Of course there are many many more locations, and the above is merely a sample of what is to come.  I hope you all will enjoy the forthcoming photo journey!  Thank you for all your continued support!


  1. Oh, whow! Apart from all the traveling involved, this must have taken some really serious planning! I am looking forward to seeing the results!

  2. Excellent "preview", Aaron --- and Welcome Home! ;) Keep up the great work, and can't wait to see more... Best, DCG.

  3. Oh Aaron, these are wonderful! Why did the E70 studio become literal ruins? Or was it not exactly a studio?
    I can NOT wait to see the rest of these.
    Welcome back and take care! :)

  4. Great stuff! Sounds like a great trip. Where do you find your non-leone location info! I have a hard time finding any.....would you be willing to share the coordinates of the location of the big gundown finale? I'm on my way to Burgos later this month to visit Sad Hill......

  5. Kudos to you Aaron, you are a credit to all Lee Van Cleef fans and to yourself!