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Sunday, March 8, 2015

TheBad.net LVC eBay Auction!

This week will mark the first annual theBad.net eBay auction!  I will be selling a few items from my collection to offset the annual costs of running the site and web board. 
Items ship from the US, but I do use the eBay Global Shipping program. 

Click on the below titles to go directly to the item's eBay page.  Starting bids are listed below as well.  Thanks for your continued support!

Auction ends Sunday afternoon March 15th! (pacific time)

http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lee-Van-Cleef-RARE-Signed-8x10-Photo-/251871848456?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3aa4bb6808Lee Van Cleef RARE Signed 8x10 Photo

Inscribed to "Ron".  This photo is in excellent condition, and I have never seen this particular shot before.  Actual photo is crystal clear!


Day of Anger Blu-ray (Japan)
Compatible with US players

83 minute and 109 minute versions of the film
Video interviews (Giuliano Gemma)
TV spots and Trailers
Almeria Then and Now
“Day of Anger"&"Days of Wrath" alternate title sequences
Posters and leaflets Gallery


http://www.ebay.com/itm/El-Condor-Lee-Van-Cleef-Photo-Lot-2-/251871849992?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3aa4bb6e08El Condor Photos
Two fantastic 8x10 color photos from El Condor.  Great quality!



Lee Van Cleef DVD Lot #1

8 LVC DVDs in one set (and 1 Yul Brynner)!  These discs were the best available (ahem... bootlegs) until the "official" US versions were released.  All widescreen (except Barquero). Excellent to very good quality.



Lee Van Cleef DVD Lot #2

5 Studio released DVDs, including widescreen releases of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly and The Magnificent Seven Ride!

Sabata Trilogy DVD Set

Used DVD set.  Widescreen prints!

Adios Sabata
Return of Sabata

Lee Van Cleef Action DVD Lot

3 Studio released DVDs, including releases of The Squeeze, The Octagon and Armed Response



The only quality God's Gun DVD on the market.  Film is widescreen 1:85. Please note you must have a region free or region 2 player to play this disc.


Captain Apache WIDESCREEN DVD - PAL R2

Full widescreen version in 2:35 throughout.  This is the only version I have ever seen in full widescreen.  Nice print too.  Please note you must have a region free or region 2 player to play this disc.



The Hard Way DVD - PAL R2

Great looking studio released print of this hard to find film.  Also includes a trailer and image gallery.  Please note you must have a region free or region 2 player to play this disc.


LVC Video Poster

Made by Video Gems to promote the video cassette releases of Bad Man's River, Captain Apache, and Commandos.  Measures approximately 19x24 inches.  Great condition.  No pin holes.  No creases (rolled).  Just a slight bend on the white boarder.  Ships rolled in a tube.

Very cool!



http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lee-Van-Cleef-Collection-DVD-2007-3-Disc-Set-/251871856640?LVC 9 Movie Collection

Long out of print 9 movie DVD set.  The usual public domain prints, with some highlights of the set being Grand Duel in widescreen and Commandos in widescreen (only time I have ever seen it wide).  This may also be the only way to get his last movie Thieves or Fortune on DVD


Full specs below-
  • Grand Duel - WIDESCREEN
  • Death Rides A Horse - fullscreen
  • God's Gun - fullscreen 
  • BONUS: Lee Van Cleef Movie Trailers--
    • Death Ride a Horse
    • Beyond the Law
    • Sabata
    • El Condor
    • Captain Apache
    • Bad Man's River 
  • Commandos - WIDESCREEN
  • Beyond the Law - fullscreen
  • The Master (TV-1984) - first 2 episodes
  • BONUS: Poster Gallery
  • Thieves of Fortune - fullscreen
  • The Squeeze - fullscreen
  • Escape From Death Row - fullscreen 
  • BONUS: Lee Van Cleef Trivia

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